After the huge succes of last year’s first edition of Pride Night of course there would be a 2018 edition. However some „small” changes have been made. During this year’s edition Pride Night will contain 3 nights on a row: From Friday 10th until Sunday 12th.

Of course the main idea behind the concept stays the same, meaning that Pride Night brings together the biggest events and LGTB nightlife brands our city has to offer, combined with international artists and deejays under one roof. Well, actually 3 roofs. Because this is another big change this year. Where last year all activities took place in „De Shop” and its neighboring smaller event spaces, this year 2 other venues were added to the program: Cargo Club (better known as Red&Blue) and IKON (former Noxx club).

A short overview on what Pride Night has planned for you:

On Friday, Pride Night takes off with a very special edition of Rapido, by far the most popular gay event in the Netherlands. 2 times a year Red&Blue invites Rapido to the Diamond City, Antwerp Pride being one of both. For the first time however Rapido will take place on Friday in Cargo Club for the Official Pride Night Opening event. On Saturday 11th August Pride Night will be spread over several venues: De Shop, Bar Helder, Vaag and Ikon. These 4 venues will be hosting the creme the la creme of the Belgian LGTB events like Flash (LeYou Tea Dance), Extravaganza, Les Apres Midis Croque Monsieur, Cafe de Love and for the very first time: H.I.M. And then of course there is one artist we are quite proud about being able to introduce to you: NETTA. Netta is the Israeli singer that won the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Her very catchy song „Toy” was the big favorite from the start and stands for being different, for thinking outside the box and for being proud of it. This vision has made her incredibly popular withing the LGBT scene.All locations will be connected by our very own shuttle service. For the Pride Night Closing Party on Sunday, we return to Red&Blue for a very special night hosted by Funky & Lumbago.

In times of war and terrorism the world needs color, so what better theme we could have chosen than the „Pride Circus”. Spectacular spectacular! Welcome to the Antwerp Pride Night Circus…

created by Horus - conceptual graphic design & events